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New Kilo Candy Series: Green Apple O’s 100ml

Kilo E-Liquids, a monster in the vape juice industry, has brought on many flavors over that past years. When it comes to vape juice, they know what they’re doing! The new line, Kilo Candy Series, with the new flavor, Green Apple O’s, is a superb example as to why they’re doing so well!

Kilo Candy Series Candy Green Apple O’s, available in 100mls, is a granny smith apple flavored gummi ring! Just like peach rings you can buy from the convenience store, but only with the sweet and sour apple! When you first vape it, you’ll be tasting the sweet and sour green apple that stimulates your taste buds. On the exhale, the sugar crystals add a tangy flavor that brings it all together! Grab yourself a 100ml bottle!

Kilo Candy Series only adds to the collections that Kilo creates like Kilo Black Series, White Series, Fruit Series, and Moo Series! Kilo E-Liquids also manufactures Bazooka! Sour Straws and has also collaborated with Nasty to create 2 more amazing flavors in the brand Nasty x Kilo E-Liquids!

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