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Please welcome Cotton Bacon to the eJuice Direct family!

We’ve been thinking, why not extend our ridiculously low prices past, just premium ejuices?

So as part of our little “experiment”, we bring you Cotton Bacon! The #1 selling wicking cotton.

Of course at the same 25% Off!

Cotton Bacon is the first wick designed by vapers for vapers.

Only safe, clean and traceable cotton for your vaping pleasure!

Large fibers for lo-ohm builds, minimal dry hits, more capacity and only the cleanest flavor!

How is Cotton Bacon different?

All Cotton Bacon is packed in a clean room in a sealed bag to keep your wicking material clean

Cotton Bacon is extremely clean, the only cotton wick that does not taste like cotton

Cotton Bacon was the original premium vaping wick and contains NO pesticides, chemicals or natural oils. Extremely absorbent & heat resistant

Each bag of Cotton Bacon contains 10 pieces of cotton and can wick up 80 atomizers

Please enjoy 🙂