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Weekly Round Up

Spring is in the air! The first week of may Wraps up is here.

In true Pachamama fashion, this bold tropical fusion adds a backing of menthol to offer a crisp and cool flavor. If you have not tried a menthol honeydew blend before your missing out! It is clean, cool and crisp. The accents of berries and kiwi a nice tanginess to the mix. This is currently my go-to flavor and will make for a great summer ADV.

With the wildly popular Snap Liquids “The Remix” Line hitting our shelves a few months ago. The rest of the Snap Liquids line was a must have as well. We dig this line since its flavors are as close to the glass bottle drink as we have found. Not to mention as we learned with “The Remix” that most of the flavors will blend together opening up all new profiles. Snap into a bottle today!