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Is Mango or Raspberry Flavor Vape Juice Better? - eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

Is Mango or Raspberry Flavor Vape Juice Better? - eJuice Direct

In the seemingly never-ending search for your holy grail all-day vape, pitting two delicious options against each other in a fantastic flavor showdown can help you narrow your search. Today, we are here on the Direct Blog to finally decide which is better: raspberry or mango e-Liquid? The vaping community is always leaving helpful reviews on e-juices of these flavors at eJuice Direct, and they let us know which they think is better, but how do we decide which vape juice comes out on top? Let’s take a deep dive into the reviews section to find out. First up, we have Aqua Flow e-Liquid. With a 4.5 star rating, offering a deliciously tropical take on classic mango flavor with a little help from juicy guava and ripe pineapple. Reviewer Elena A. tells us this is “hands down one of the best ever,” and they are not the only vape enthusiast who thinks so. Vape user Alicia F. follows up to say, “You can count on Aqua to give authentic fresh fruit flavors, and Flow is an authentic stream of ripe mango backed with yummy pineapple and guava… light and luscious flowing blend of Hawaii on a summer day.” The result is clear; this tropical delight is a smash hit with hundreds of satisfied vapers in its corner. But how does the raspberry contender hold up? From the Coastal Clouds line, stepping up to represent the raspberry flavors is Lemon Raspberry e-Liquid, a sweet and tart blend of citrus and authentic raspberry flavors. This best-seller also touts a 4.5 star rating on eJuice Direct, and the mountain of positive reviews have nothing but amazing things to say about it. Reviewer Allison tells us, “it is so complex… a beautiful flavor, you can taste every element,” and many more reviewers agree. A top review comes from vaper Aimee J., who writes, “excellent flavor, great cloud production. Nice fruity ADV.” We certainly believe this vape juice has the potential to be an all-day vape, but is it delicious enough to trounce the mango e-Liquid? Only you can decide! Leave us a review on the product page or tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let us know which flavor you think should win. If you think another e-juice should be in this top-two list, share a #handcheck and show us your favorite flavor. Maybe your favorite e-Liquid will show up in the next Battle of the Bottles! Stay tuned on the Direct Blog for next week’s flavor showdown and more.
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