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Tip of the Month: Buying the Correct Vape Hardware for Your Device - eJuiceDirect

Tip of the Month: Buying the Correct Vape Hardware for Your Device

Here on the Direct Blog, we are committed to helping the vaping community stay safe and keep on vaping successfully. October’s Tip of the Month is all about hardware! Matching your hardware parts is a complex yet incredibly important part of vaping, and we are here today to demystify the process of setting up a new vape device and maintaining it by using the correct parts. Let’s dive into how to match the proper parts in your vape device!
Matching the right coils to your vape device shouldn’t be difficult, but it can be confusing to find the right ones. Your best bet is to stick to the same brand as your vape kit or pod mod and use the same style of coils that came with your device. The coil will have the brand name and size listed on the box, and the instructions that came included with your vape device will denote which size coils you need, so you can easily match. The ideal wattage and ohms for the coil will be written on the side of the outer metal, so you can always see it in your clear tank and set your device accordingly. Once you are familiar with the size and wattage listed on the coil that came included in your device, you can shop eJuice Direct’s collection of coils and find a perfect match.
Finding a pod that fits into your mod can be surprisingly simple. The brand that makes your device will also make replacement pods, and it is best to stick with those exact ones. Improperly matched pods can lead to an inconsistent connection to the power source of your mod, which means your vaping experience will be troublesome; it may burn your coils quickly, leak e-juice, or not work at all, so make sure your pod is designed for your device and fits snugly to the chassis. Tanks are a little more complex, as you can use different brand’s tanks as long as they fit the millimeter size requirement of your device. In the box or instructions of your vape kit, there is a specific measurement that your tank must be, and this size ensures a proper connection, just like with the pods we talked about above. Be sure to match the size of the tank in your vape kit with the size of the tank you want to purchase before you buy. As we mentioned before, wattage is extremely important when matching vape hardware parts. Wattage is the unit of power that is used in the coil to vaporize e-Liquid and allow you to puff that delicious e-juice. Your coil will have a label that lists the best wattage at which you should vape with it, and that range is where you should stay to get the most out of your vaping experience. A wattage that is too high can wear out your coil quickly and offer a nasty burnt taste in a puff, and a wattage that is too low will not vaporize the e-juice correctly and will likely not work at all. This part might seem complex, but the instructions that come with your vape device may also help you understand the inner workings of the device a little bit better.
  • Make sure your coils are the correct size and made for the correct wattage that matches your device.
  • Be sure to stick to the same brand of pods as your vape device to make sure they will fit and work properly.
  • If you are looking to purchase a new tank, check the measurements in your vape device’s manual to find the right size.
  • Check your coils for the recommended wattage and set your device accordingly.
When in doubt, check your vape device manual or instructions, or reach out to the eJuice Direct Customer Care Team for support.
Matching the correct vape pieces might seem overwhelming, but with these tips, you can easily collect all the right parts and have a delicious and successful vaping experience. If you have any questions about hardware or how to use it, reach out to our Customer Care Team, and our staff of vaping experts will help you find the answers you need. Stay tuned on the Direct Blog for more tips and tricks on vaping, information, and a first peek at upcoming sales!
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