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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vaping Glossary - eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

Vaping Glossary - eJuice Direct

The eJuice Direct Vaping Glossary

Vaping can be a complicated hobby, and keeping track of what all these terms mean might be a hassle. This is why we are here on the Direct Blog to make vaping as simple as can be. eJuice Direct is dedicated to helping the vaping community by sharing accurate information on all things vape related, so check out our Vaping Glossary for all the definitions you need to understand vaping!
  • Atomizer - the general term for a device that vaporizes a liquid. In terms of your vape device, the atomizer is the component that heats up the e-Liquid around the coils.
  • Battery - the power source for your vape device. Depending on your device, the battery may be self-contained or separate. External batteries are rechargeable via a battery charger and are disposable when worn out, and internal batteries are rechargeable via a micro-usb charging cable.
  • Coil - the unit responsible for heating and vaporizing e-Liquid. This is where the atomizer and cotton reside.
  • Cotton - the material responsible for drawing the e-juice from the tank to the coil.
  • Drip Tip - the mouthpiece of a vape device. Drip tips are interchangeable and can be removed for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • DTL - Direct to Lung is a style of vaping in which the user inhales the vapor directly into the lungs. This leads to a stronger throat hit than MTL vaping.
  • e-Liquid - also called vape juice or e-juice, the liquid made of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, flavoring, and sometimes nicotine. e-Liquids are available in a large variety of flavors, some of the most popular being fruit, menthol, tobacco, and custard. For more information on vape juice, check out our What Makes a Quality Vape Juice? blog.
  • Low Wattage - the type of vaping that uses a lower wattage, typically used with nicotine salt e-juice. This type of vaping typically allows for a stronger throat hit and smaller cloud production.
  • MTL - Mouth to Lung is a style of vaping in which the user inhales the vapor into their mouth, then inhales into their lungs. This style of vaping leads to a lighter throat hit than DTL vaping.
  • Nicotine - the addictive stimulant chemical in vape juice. It is contained in all vape juice unless it is labeled as 0mg. For more information on nicotine, check out our What is the Truth about Nicotine? blog.
  • Ohm - electrical resistance.
  • PG - Propylene Glycol, one of the main ingredients in e-juice. This component is thinner, offers a lighter throat hit, and has no impact on flavor. For more information on VG and PG, check out our What Chemicals are in Vape Juice? blog.
  • Pod Mod - a type of vape device that uses nicotine salt e-Liquid in a replaceable or refillable pod that fires at low wattage.
  • Sub-ohm - the style of vaping that uses ohms under 1.0, typically with regular e-juice.
  • Tank - the plastic or glass container that holds the vape juice in a vape kit or mod.
  • TC - temperature control. Most vape devices have integrated TC protection to prevent burning or overheating.
  • Throat hit - the feeling in the back of your throat when you puff from your vape device. This can be harsh or soft depending on your e-Liquid of choice.
  • Vape device - any electronic device that vaporizes e-Liquid. This can be a disposable vape pen, a kit, a mod, or a pod system.
  • Vape kit - a sub-ohm type of vape device. This type of device uses regular e-juice and tends to be larger.
  • VG - Vegetable Glycerin, sourced from vegetables and is one of the main ingredients in e-juice. This component is sweeter, a thicker consistency than PG, and produces bigger vapor clouds. For more information on VG and PG, check out our What Chemicals are in Vape Juice? blog.
  • Voltage - a measure of the energy used to vaporize e-juice. Higher voltage gives you higher watts, the measure of power.
  • Wattage - the measure of power your vape device uses. A higher wattage can give you more flavor, more vapor, and a harsher throat hit.
If you have any questions about vaping or any term on this list, reach out to our Customer Care Team, and our staff will help you find the answers you need. Stay tuned on the Direct Blog for more information on vaping, product reviews, and more!
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