Recently in the news, you may have heard a lot about PPE- but what is it? PPE stands for personal protective equipment, and in these uncertain times, health and wellness are of the utmost importance. Whether you’re returning to work or staying safe at home, hand sanitizer and KN95 masks are recommended by the CDC as the best lines of defense. KN95 masks are available in single, 20 count, or 50 count packages for your convenience and needs, and hand sanitizer is available in both gel and spray versions to suit your preferences. 100% of hand sanitizer sales are donated directly to charities benefitting local communities.

PPE Products for Sale

At eJuice Direct, we are committed to serving our local communities and supporting both individuals and organizations dedicated to giving back. We have carefully chosen several causes that reflect our company mission statement and are donating 100% of hand sanitizer proceeds to assist these charitable efforts. When it comes to delivering a high-quality experience from beginning to end, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of our customers and helping those who cannot help themselves. As a leading innovator in the e-Liquid and fulfillment industries, eJuice Direct has a duty to reinvest in the betterment around us.

Common PPE Questions

What is the proper way to wear your PPE?

When wearing a KN95 mask as PPE, there are several important things to keep in mind.
1. Never touch the inside of the mask to protect from contamination. 
2. Always clean hands before handling mask. 
3. Be sure your mask fits properly. This means adjusting the nose piece and ear loops for a snug fit with no gaps. 
4. For the best protection, mask will completely cover the nose and mouth from cheekbone to jaw. 

How does it protect from airborne contaminants? 

KN95 masks are created using high-quality materials that filter particulates and contaminates like airborne viruses and bacteria from the air. Proper protection is only ensured through appropriate handling techniques and storage.

What are the guidelines for proper PPE storage and use?

KN95 masks are disposable, and the CDC recommends replacing disposable PPE every four hours. This requires a well-maintained supply of readily available masks stored in their sterile packaging until ready for use. Once used, masks will need to be carefully removed with clean hands and then disposed of in any trash receptacle.