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What is the Best Tasting Strawberry Vape Juice? – eJuice Direct

Who doesn’t love the taste of fresh ripe strawberries? 

We sure do, and that is why eJuice Direct is here to list off some of the best-selling strawberry vape juices! From candies to fruit smoothies to yogurt blends, this classic fruit flavor is a staple in any vape juice collection, so if you are looking for a new to-go strawberry vape, this list is perfect for you. In no particular order, here are the top strawberry flavor e-juices and disposables available now at eJuice Direct

Hitt Go Disposable Strawberry Vape Pen

This convenient and affordable disposable vape pen delivers fresh strawberry flavor in a compact package, so you can take this delicious vape with you just about anywhere. You can’t go wrong with a straight-up strawberry, and this affordable vaping option is deliciously authentic.

Jam Monster Strawberry e-Liquid

Jam Monster Strawberry e-Liquid and its salt alternative Jam Monster Salt Strawberry both offer a fresh take on this bountiful berry, with perfectly-browned toast and sweet creamy butter flavors to balance out the sweet taste. If you enjoy breakfast e-juice flavors, you will love this deliciously layered vape juice flavor.

Candy King Strawberry Rolls e-Liquid

From the Candy King himself, Strawberry Rolls e-Liquid puts a confectionary spin on this traditional berry with an extra dash of sweetness, just like the real candy. If your sweet tooth is not satisfied by just fruit vape juices, this one will surely hit the spot.

=Sadboy Bloodline Salt Strawberry Blood 

You won’t be sad with this Sadboy e-juice in your tank, because it delivers an incredibly flavorful puff of hard strawberry candies with a gooey center! Along with its nic salt alternative Sadboy Bloodline Salt Strawberry Blood, this mouthwatering option is a classic confectionary vape juice, and you will enjoy the authentic taste in every puff.

I Love Salts by Mad Hatter Strawberry Candy e-Liquid

If you enjoy nic salts and incredible flavors, you will fall in love with this e-juice from Mad Hatter. This candy shoppe classic offers the authentic flavor of strawberry confections that can only be beaten by the real thing. Pair this vape juice with any fruity treat and see how this flavor profile shines!

BSX Strawberry Gummy e-Liquid

From Glas Vapor, this Basix Series e-juice provides the sweet taste of strawberry gummy bears, just like the real thing. With tart and sour notes, this vape juice is layered yet simple, so vape enthusiasts who love fruit and who love candies will both enjoy a puff of this delectable e-juice.

These strawberry vape juice options are must-haves for all fruit flavor fans, so try one or try them all! Let us know which ones are your favorites by leaving a review on the product page or by tagging us @ejuicedirect in your next post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Stay tuned right here at the Direct Blog for more on best-selling flavors, vaping information and how-to’s, and answers to frequently asked questions. Happy vaping!