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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Tip of the Month: Investing in Quality Hardware - eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

Tip of the Month: Investing in Quality Hardware - eJuice Direct

Investing in Quality Hardware

November’s Tip of the Month is a fantastic trick for new and experienced vape users. Investing in good quality vape hardware is the first step toward a successful vaping experience, and you can find a premier vape device at eJuice Direct for a budget-friendly price. Let’s dive into what makes a high-quality vape device and how to spot one on a vape shop shelf.

Reputable Brand

Purchasing a vape device from an established vape industry brand is the perfect place to start. Brands such as SMOK, GeekVape, and Smoking Vapor are just a few of the many manufacturers of vape devices that are industry trusted and vaper approved. An unknown or otherwise sub-par brand will likely create devices that perform poorly or break easily, so be sure to research the brand before you make your purchase.

New or Updated Technology

Vape device manufacturers are always innovating and creating new devices with new features, and these are some of the top-of-the-line products on the market today. When looking for a new vape device, be sure to search for its newest version to make sure you are buying the most updated technology. Just like with a smartphone or a car, newer models tend to have more features that will help it last longer and perform better on a day-to-day basis, which we will get into below.

Protective Features

Some of the newest and best attributes you can find in a vape device are advanced safety features. From waterproofing to surge protection, these advancements help make your vape device long-lasting, durable, and safe. Even if you are careful with your vape devices, accidents happen, so a shock-proof or dust-proof feature can help prevent external and internal damage that would otherwise put your device down for the count. If you are investing your money into a vape device, you want it to last you a long time, and these safety features will help it do so. Purchasing a new vape device should not be an overwhelming experience, and with these tips in mind, you can find a great device that will last and last. If you have any questions about vape devices or how they work, reach out to our Customer Care Team, and our staff will help you find the answers you need. Stay tuned to the Direct Blog for more monthly tips, product reviews, and more!
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